What is Brazilian Jui-Jitsu?

Also known as the “gentle-art,” Jui-Jitsu is arguably the best form of self-defense which does not rely on power or physical strength. It is an art of combat which instills the person with confidence, self-esteem, relieves stress and enhances your focus through leveraging the knowledge of human anatomy and the mechanics used in the techniques employed in Jui- Jitsu.

What is a Gi?

A Gi, also referred to as the Kimono, is the uniform typically worn when training for Jui-Jitsu. There are three apparels which make up the whole Gi gear; the jacket (or top), pants and a belt. A Gi for you is much like the armor for knight. The fabric is highly durable, reinforced in certain places so that you can with stand the rigors of the training or your competition.

What do the different categorize for Gi offer?

We have your Jui-Jitsu gear ready for the entire family. Men, women and kids from all spheres of life train in Jui-jitsu to reap the benefits of the sport. Our separate categorize offer Gis for people with different abilities and training levels. We start from our novice or the student range and our gear goes the master or the champion level. These Gis are especially crafted to withstand the type of training or competition you are entering.

Can I order a personalized Gi?

Absolutely. We offer to you the opportunity to design your own gear in our customization section. You can select your logos, pictures or texts to be placed at several places on the Gi, choose your size and colors and have exactly what you have been looking for right at your